Dynamic Home

Lynn isn’t one to rest on her laurels. So it wasn’t too long after the second run of Enter Love in the fall of 2015, that she started itching to write new music again. (She can’t help it. Her brain would explode if she didn’t get it down on paper.)

Annnnnd it wouldn’t be Lynn Lupold if some of those songs weren’t about different facets of love. Is it any surprise then that the songs fit together pretty well into a musical about a handful of people who are all seeing love from different angles based on where they each are in the seasons of their lives?

The show is in the workshop phase now (see photo above). It doesn’t even have a title yet. But what it does have is a brand new score, lovable characters, and a team of creatives focusing their not inconsiderable talents on making these stories rich with humor and heart.

An easy way to follow along with the developmentĀ of the show is to like the Red Boat Productions page on Facebook. OMG! There’s a button to do that right on this page! Look it’s right over there!