About Red Boat

The Vision

Red Boat Productions is committed to providing opportunities for new and creative musical works.  This production company was founded in 2006 by Lynn L. Lupold.  As a composer and music educator, Lynn knew the importance of  showcasing new compositions and the difficulty of finding venues and performers who will take a chance on something unknown.  Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, Red Boat Productions has been able to showcase and support new musical theatre works and will continue to support aspiring composers in the musical theatre world.

Executive Board

  • Reni Adamczyk – Attorney and Consultant, Indianapolis, IN
  • Brian Atkinson – Graphic Artist, Indianapolis, IN
  • Kimberly Crimmins – Valassis Sales & Marketing Service, Inc., Hinsdale, IL
  • Clay Mabbitt – Marketing Consultant, Indianapolis, IN
  • Dr. Joy  A. Seybold – IUPUI School of Education, Indianapolis, IN

Board of Directors

  • Ruell Fiant – Educator formerly College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, NV-Indianapolis, IN
  • David Forsell – David Forsell, President, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.-Indianapolis, IN
  • Jane Franceschini – Independent Consultant, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Ron Hellems – Music Educator  & Consultant, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Patti Iler – Independent marketing consultant, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Julie Madison Jacoby – Performer, educator, consultant- West Orange, New Jersey
  • Deb Mullins – Jazz/ Blues Performer, educator, Indianapolis, IN
  • Matt Seybold – University of California, Irvine, CA
  • Carolyn Trueblood – Educator, Lafayette, IN
  • Harriett  Whitmyer – University of California, Irvine. CA-Costa Mesa, CA