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Alex tends the airport bar and knows everyone who passes through. Grant is a pilot she loves who loves her back, but he also has a wife and a four-year-old daughter back home. They’re played by Jill Kelly and Lincoln Slentz respectively in the Indianapolis premiere of Enter Love at Theatre on the Square next month.

Jill, what’s lovable about Lincoln?

JK: I think the real question is, what’s NOT lovable about Lincoln?! He is fantastic!

Is his character Grant lovable?

JK: Grant is a man who is torn in different directions. Sometimes when you look at a character who is having an affair, it is easy to feel angry at them and judge… but everyone knows that being human is hard and that people can be flawed. That being said, Grant is intelligent, funny, hard working and sensitive. His heart is open and giving… he truly wants to be a good man, and the love he feels for the people in his life is real and genuine.

Lincoln, what’s lovable about Jill?

LS: Jill is one of the sweetest people ever.

And her character, Alex?

LS: In life and as a bartender, Alex is always giving others what they need. Or, at least, what they think they need. Maybe to a fault sometimes, but I think that can be a very endearing quality.

Besides the two of you, which characters in this production do you think people will fall in love with?

LS: Harold and Fern.

JK: Everyone, I hope! There are such a wide variety of characters in this show… with so many different stories to tell! Everyone in life has loved and been hurt by love, as well as been lifted up by love. Hopefully, every character will bring something that the audience can relate to in their lives or that they have seen in the life of someone they know. Love is truly a universal feeling.

What’s your favorite song in the show?

JK: Hmm… that’s a hard one! If I go by which song gets stuck in my head and that I find humming under my breath around town (or singing in the shower!), I would have to say Ask Me Now and Maybe We Should Go Back Home.

LS: The opening, Babbling Voices.

What’s the longest time you’ve been stuck in an airport?

JK: I don’t know about how long I have been stuck in one… but I just got home from Japan yesterday and let me tell you, that was a LONG journey home! ;)

LS: I took a “long” weekend trip to LA for my birthday about 3 years ago. I flew out Friday morning and was supposed to make it back Sunday night. BUT. Because of layovers and other flight problems I didn’t make it home until Monday afternoon and spent more time in LAX, Houston, and Chicago O’Hare than I did in CA.

What will people be talking about in the car on the drive home after the show?

LS: All of it. :) But, especially Harold and Fern.

JK: I would like to think that people will feel hopeful in love… that it will help people who are in love feel even more so, and that it will give people still searching for it a sense of confidence and excitement for their own future in finding it. To quote a line from the show “Whether it’s coming or going, love is in the air – literally. Listen… you can hear it all around you – all those babbling voices on their many journeys… to love!”

ENTER LOVE is playing at Theatre on the Square September 12 – 27. Tickets available online.

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