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Austin is afraid of flying but took a big promotion that requires travel to provide for his husband and baby at home. He’s played by Danny Kingston in the Indianapolis premiere of Enter Love at Theatre on the Square next month.

We don’t see your love interest on stage in this show? What’s it like telling that story without someone else to work with?

DK: It’s fun and challenging. I get to create the man of my dreams… but he can’t be perfect. My goal is to clearly get across the dynamic of our relationship.

What’s lovable about Austin?

DK: Austin has a big heart. He is easy to talk to. I think his fear of flying and sass also play a hand in his intrigue.

Besides you, which characters in this production are people going to fall in love with?

DK: All I’ll say is… Fern. Just wait.

What’s your favorite song in the show?

DK: A duet I sing with the incredibly talented Clay Mabbitt titled, I Can’t Remember.

What’s the longest time you’ve been stuck in an airport?

DK: Two hours. It felt like five. Good old Laguardia.

What will people be talking about in the car on the drive home?

DK: Wow, that was a great show! Made me remember some of my airport horror stories. And how good it felt to be back home with you, my love! I’m glad we saw this show. Maybe we should book a vacation. Just us. What do you say?

ENTER LOVE is playing at Theatre on the Square September 12 – 27. Tickets available online.

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