Meet Don Seybold, Writer for Enter Love

Don has degrees in English from IU [Bloomington]. He has taught HS English, was the Associate Director of the IU English Curriculum Study Center [68-71], taught American Lit, literary theory, creative writing, among other courses, in the English Department at Purdue, full-time from 71-78, part-time after he joined the Convocations Department in ’79, where he served for 26 years as Associate Director. He began teaching Jazz History at Purdue in1999 and continues to do that each semester. He has hosted jazz radio programs at various stations in Lafayette since1987, currently he can be heard on WBAA AM920, Purdue’s NPR affiliate, on Sunday evenings. He has also worked as a musician, run a jazz club, and continues to work as a free-lance lecturer and arts consultant. As a writer, he has co-authored three books about the teaching of literature, writing, and the arts. During his time at Convocations he wrote a quarterly column [The Artful Codger], the 50 year history of the Elliott Hall of Music, the 100 year history of Purdue convocations, and the 25 year history of The Convocations … Continue reading

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What’s on the horizon in 2011?

2010 was a very big year for Red Boat Productions. The tryout of our first full-length musical, Enter Love, had a sold out run. The production enjoyed critical as well as commercial success, so much in fact that we were compelled to move forward in our plans to take our productions to larger markets.

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