Meet Erin Cohenour (Ali)

Erin is playing the part of Ali in 465: Sex Drive… a musical premiering at the IndyFringe Festival August 17 – 26.

About Erin

What do you like best about Ali?
I like Ali’s total self confidence and fearlessness. Maybe her risk-taking isn’t always a good thing but I like her spunk.

What’s another Fringe show you are excited about?
Creatures of the Night. It was written by a fantastic local playwright that I’ve worked with before, and stars one of my close friends who is also an amazing actor. It’s totally what Fringe is all about- exposure for new work.

What do you like best about Fringe?
The attendance. It always gives me hope for the future of theatre when I see so many people out during the Fringe, packing houses and enjoying live shows.

What’s your favorite song in 465?
The orgy song. It’s so sexy and dramatic. [Ed: The official title is Underneath It All, but everyone in the production refers to it as the orgy song for reasons that will become obvious when you see the show.]

Which members of your family are allowed to see you in this production?
Eh, they aren’t shocked by much anymore. I doubt my grandmother will come, though. And there might be one or two places where my boyfriend may need to avert his eyes.

About Ali

This beautiful temptress needs to be needed. And though she has an increasing trail of one night stands behind her, Ali is always looking forward… to her next lover. Ali holds down a respectable job by day, but by nightfall she is on the prowl and has attracting her prey down to a skillful science.

Watch as Erin brings Ali to life on stage at the IndyFringe Fest. Tickets available online.

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