Harold & Fern in Enter Love


Harold and Fern are a charming couple wandering through the airport who just can’t seem to find each other. They’re played by Josiah Ray McCruiston in the Indianapolis premiere of Enter Love at Theatre on the Square next month.

You have the unique challenge of playing two characters in love with each other, but we never see them at the same time. Is that harder or easier than working with another actor?

JM: I believe that it’s both, it’s easy cause I know myself and my limitations and how far I can go. It’s hard due to the fact that I can’t have that connection on stage with my counterpart.

Who’s the better partner, Harold or Fern?

JM: Fern, she has an open heart that’s big enough for the world, and she knows how to make her knowledge accessible.

Besides those two, which characters in this production are people going to fall in love with?

JM: Alex, Frank, Kate, and Samantha

What’s your favorite song in the show?

JM: I can’t pick one, so don’t ask. All of them are very well written, and I haven’t heard one that isn’t amazing.

What’s the longest time you’ve been stuck in an airport?

JM: Surprisingly, I’ve never been stuck in an airport. I’ve always had a great experience.

What will people be talking about in the car on the drive home after the show?

JM: How funny the show is, there are a lot of scenes that are just extremely hilarious.

ENTER LOVE is playing at Theatre on the Square September 12 – 27. Tickets available online.

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