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The gifted creative team behind Enter Love is spearheaded by the dynamic duo of Lynn Lupold and Kenny Shepard. Among the multiple hats they wear in this production (both credited and uncredited) Lynn is the producer and wrote much of the music while Kenny is the director, choreographer, and wrote the lion’s share of the book. Enter Love premieres at Theatre on the Square September 12 – 27.

What keeps you coming back to this show?

KS: Lynn and Clay keep me coming back to the show. We developed a special car pool bond when we did the show in Lafayette. I’m not sure why we don’t carpool to TOTS? I also love the music Lynn created. It’s really a privilege to get to hear her songs sung so beautifully every night in rehearsal.

LL: The show has changed in all four of its productions which on one hand makes it a constantly evolving product. That is good I think. Mostly the show has continued to keep a light hearted, fun style that just is enjoyable to watch. Kenny has done another fabulous job of taking the great talented cast and making it even more refined and interesting. I also think the music is something that keeps it fun and yet romantic. We’ve added and taken away some songs, but overall, the music is still what carries it along the way.

What are you doing differently this time?

KS: We hope to capture the best of all of the ENTER LOVE versions: keeping the focus on the songs, like the original cabaret version; keeping the lighthearted approach and charm of the Lafayette version; and developing strong relationships between the characters, like the Chicago version.

LL: The script has significant changes in it and yet still maintains the original flavor and concept. We’ve taken some songs out and adding a couple of new ones by Jeff Bowen. The lyrics of course are always evolving but overall the songs have stayed very much the same. I like the evolution of the characters. Even though they are basically the same, they have grown and you get to know them much better in this version. There are a couple of new twists which have been great to see grow. It only makes the show stronger.

What’s the longest time you’ve been stuck in an airport?

LL: It only has happened a couple of times but the longest was overnight. Strange as it might be, we were coming home from Florida and for whatever reasons they over booked the flight leaving us in Chicago. Not a bad place to be stranded but still it was a long lay over.

KS: I don’t remember a terrible airport delay, but when I worked on cruise ships, I spent 6 days at sea during category one storms. They couldn’t serve meals in the dining room because plates would slide off of the tables. I spent most of the week in my bed: not the LOVE BOAT cruise gig I had expected…

What will people be talking about in the car on the drive home?

LL: I hope they talk about how great it was to see an all Indy show; written, produced, arranged, composed and performed. The talent on the stage is outstanding. The other theatres in Indy are great and have amazing talent too but this cast is fabulous. I think we forget sometimes how much talent there is in Indy. This show highlights it all from the very first word, lyric, melody and performer to the last chord in the show. I hope they say what fun and what great music but mostly I hope they tell their friends to get out and see the show before it closes.

KS: Even better than talking, I hope they’re humming a new tune they’ve heard. And smiling…

ENTER LOVE is playing at Theatre on the Square September 12 – 27. Tickets available online.

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