Meet Lynn Lupold (Music and Lyrics)

Lynn Lupold wrote the music for 465: Sex Drive… a musical premiering at the IndyFringe Festival August 17 – 26.

About Lynn

What do you like best about 465: Sex Drive?
I have worked with several directors / choreographers and without question Kenny is THE BEST. I love his style of working with people and he even slows me down which is a good thing.

What’s another Fringe show you are excited about?
There are a couple of other musicals which I hope to go and see. One is Joe’s Café….not sure of the times but I want to see how those look compared to our show.

What do you like best about Fringe?
I’m not sure yet about the Fringe. It seems to be a great place to workshop new material so that may be what I like the best.

What’s your favorite song in 465?
My favorite song is Too Many Mornings.  I’m a sucker for ballads and I think it is a pretty darn good song. I also love Rumor….not only does Amanda knocks it out of the park but it is a very different style for me.

Which members of your family are allowed to see you in this production?
Everyone can come but the cats. They really aren’t into musicals.

Watch as we bring Lynn’s music to life on stage at the IndyFringe Fest. Tickets available online.

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