465: Sex Drive… a musical

465: Sex DriveDescription: 465: Sex Drive… a musical is the story of 5 sex addicts from very diverse backgrounds who carpool to their group therapy sessions for sex addiction recovery. Over the course of the show we learn a little about how each of the addicts and their therapist arrived here. The show is funny, sexy, and occasionally touching.

Cast size: Six, three women and three men. One of the men can be played as a non-singing role.

Setting: Modern day Indianapolis.  The show begins and ends in the car, but the bulk of the show occurs in the therapy office.

Set needs: The minimalist production only requires 5 boxes (18-inch) that will be moved around throughout the show by the cast.

Costuming: Contemporary. Costume plot comes with show. One song ends with the characters in various stages of undress.

Royalties/Production rights: Negotiated individually with theaters. Licensing.

Original Cast Recording

Character Descriptions

Ali – This beautiful temptress needs to be needed. And though she has an increasing trail of one night stands behind her, Ali is always looking forward… to her next lover. Ali holds down a respectable job by day, but by nightfall she is on the prowl and has attracting her prey down to a skillful science.

Lance – Arrested for having sex in a public place, this cute, young gay guy has been court ordered to attend therapy for sex addiction. Lance’s iPhone is like another appendage as he scours Facebook, Grinder and Twitter to find his next hook up, finding the thrill of the next conquest irresistible. Lance is frequently falling in love, but can anyone handle him?  Despite his efforts to appear strong, Lance needs a lot of attention and affection. He says he wants to settle down, but Lance can’t remain faithful to anyone, including himself.

JoAnne – Brassy, charming and definitely not afraid to speak her mind, JoAnne is the funny, lesbian version of George Clooney’s character in UP IN THE AIR: racking up frequent flyer miles and lovers. An executive, JoAnne answers to no one and enjoys her adventurous life traveling for her job. Although she has little success with real life relationships, JoAnne can talk her way into anyone’s heart: at least for a night or two.

Jordan – Smooth with the one liners, Jordan wears the badge of “player” with honor. Technically a physician, Jordan is proud of this accomplishment and uses it to his advantage whenever possible. Jordan enjoys the bar scene and picks up women whenever and wherever: his own doctor’s office, therapy, the carpool ~~ nothing and no woman in an open toed pump is off limits. With each conquest, Jordan’s confidence rises… at least in the short term.

Veronica – The neighborhood is all a buzz about this glamorous, Carmel housewife. Desperate to rid herself of carpooling, mini vans and PTA meetings, Veronica is a drama queen, both as a wannabe performer and also with her cul de sac antics. Her community theatre scene partners spend a lot of time at Veronica’s house. And the Avon Lady and meter reader have come to know her intimately too!

Rex – A sex addiction therapist, Rex was at one time an addict himself. Now, he uses his past experiences to support the others in the group. There’s little that gets past Rex; he’s been there and done that. Yes, even that! A bit mysterious, Rex shifts each discussion to the members of the group. And he knows the individual buttons to push and probing questions to ask to get everyone talking!

What People Are Saying About 465: Sex Drive… a musical:

“In fact, it works really, really well. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe the packed house…on a Tuesday night. Yes, a full house on a Tuesday at 9 p.m. And that crowd was laughing hysterically, applauding and cheering throughout the performance from Red Boat Productions.”
– Elizabeth J. Musgrave via BroadwayWorld.com

“The pacing is deft and the dancing (choreographed by Kenny Shepard) is fresh and fun to watch.  The graceful movement of the women’s beautiful legs atop their designer ‘come f*ck me’ shoes is mesmerizing.  How in the world do they do that?”
– Hope Baugh via Indy Theatre Habit

“The choreography was crisp and illustrative, and the often sassy projection of the characters’ obsessions tended to wipe away much concern for their recovery… it was pretty clear we were to enjoy whatever fellowship they managed to achieve, both in the carpool on the way to the classes and in the sessions themselves.”
– Jay Harvey via IndyStar.com