Lashes Off… songs of sex, secrets and stripping

lashes_off_circleDescription: Lashes Off begins as a fairly traditional cabaret set, but immediately takes a left turn into a show where guards are dropped and the performers begin to reveal rarely seen glimpses of the real, complex people behind the characters they play on stage.

The inspiration for the songs and stories in Lashes Off comes directly from the life experiences of the four original stars.

Cast size: Four women.

Setting: The stage. This show makes no pretense of maintaining a fourth wall.

Set needs: The minimalist production requires a small dressing table, a few stools, and a screen that can easily be moved by the cast during the show.

Costuming: Contemporary. The characters begin in glamorous cabaret-style clothing and makeup, but change into progressively more casual everyday clothing as the show progresses. By the end of the show they are in street clothes with no make-up.

Royalties/Production rights: Negotiated individually with theaters. Licensing.

Original Cast Recording

Character Descriptions

Carol – Carol is a vivacious woman in her 50s who has had a successful career as a dancer. She’s experienced bitter sweet love in her life, but is in a delightfully happy relationship today.

Deb – Deb is a no-nonsense lesbian in her 60s. She doesn’t dance, but is an excellent singer. She shares her experience as a child performer on a religious radio hour, and how she got from their to an out-and-proud cabaret performer.

Erin – Erin is an assertive bombshell in her 20s who is a professional performer (juggling four jobs in the process). Normally reserved, she talks about her alter ego that can put on a wig and paint the town red.

Amanda – Amanda is a belter in her 30s who shares a story of how when she was feeling young and adventurous she auditioned to be an exotic dancer.

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