Tommy & Angela in Enter Love


Angela is being called into active military service, and her boyfriend Tommy is at the airport to see her off. They’re played by Jenny Reber and Ramon Hutchins respectively in the Indianapolis premiere of Enter Love at Theatre on the Square next month.

Jenny, what’s lovable about Ramon?

JR: What isn’t lovable about Ray? Being around him is so easy! He is such a passionate person… he cares so much about his craft, about people, and just about life in general. He has such a positive attitude. It’s hard not to feel better when around him.

And what about his character, Tommy?

JR: I think Tommy is similar to Ray, in the fact that he is one of those people who are easy to be around. I love that Tommy is a free spirit…and softens Angela’s hard edges.

Ray, what’s lovable about Jenny?

RH: My sweet sweet Jenny! This is my third time working with her, and I feel she teaches me something new every time. She has been very encouraging to and for me. She is also incredibly talented. It makes me want to work hard for the craft.

And Angela?

RH: Angela makes Tommy feel strong because of her own strength. She brings him comfort, even when he is battling himself standing in front of her. I think that’s what helps with our chemistry.

Besides the two of you, which characters in this production do you think people will fall in love with?

JR: All the characters have such distinct personalities… everyone will be able to see a bit of themselves in every character. I think that the ability to relate to a character often makes us fall in love with them. Even when laughing at how foolish they are… we often realize that we do the exact same thing.

RH: Everyone in the cast brings an unquestionable level of awesomeness… but… I think Fern might bring people to tears… from laughter.

What’s your favorite song in the show?

RH: Hey that’s a hard question, but if I had to choose… I can’t pick between One Dream, Change In The Making, and Maybe We Should Go Back Home.

JR: Maybe We Should Go Back Home – I don’t even sing it…but I’ll be definitely be singing along in my head or off stage.

What’s the longest time you’ve been stuck in an airport?

RH: I used to be a flight attendant. It was funnier, though not at the time, that I was on the other side watching the stories unfold.

JR: I luckily don’t have any horror stories… probably 4 hours. I was stuck in a layover and then the plane was having some problems, so they delayed boarding. It’s never good when they tell you that there is something wrong with the plane…

What will people be talking about in the car on the drive home after the show?

JR: I think people will talk about the different couples and their love stories… and how one may remind them of themselves or of people in their lives

RH: People will most likely talk about the thing in their love life that this show has touched on. There is a little something for all lovers to relate to.

ENTER LOVE is playing at Theatre on the Square September 12 – 27. Tickets available online.

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