What Your Enter Love Flight Crew Is Excited About For IndyFringe 2015

A few weeks before our show opens, Indianapolis hosts 11 days of live theatre goodness in the form of the IndyFringe festival. We asked the folks behind Enter Love which shows in the festival caught their eye. Maybe we’ll see you on Mass. Ave this week!

image: Zach Rosing


nat-smallFrom Nathalie: There’s a lot of local originals I can’t wait to see!

kristin-smallFrom Kristin: I’m looking forward to seeing several things at this year’s IndyFringe but Holy Ficus is top on my list! I love Tim Hunt. I love quirky, off-beat stories. I love Paige Scott’s music. Excited to witness it all come together!

ray-smallFrom Ray: I look forward to seeing some of friends perform. Also this will be the second time I experience Fringe. My first, time I was in a show and missed out on a lot.

jill-smallFrom Jill: To be honest, I haven’t seen a list of the shows yet….but I am a big fan of anything Ben Asaykwee! So, I’m hoping he has either written or is involved in a Fringe show this year! :) [ed: Ben’s not doing a show this year, but he assures us he’ll be talking about many of the cool people that are over social media throughout the week.]

danny-smallFrom Danny: The Fringe show I’m most excited about seeing is Zach Rosing Productions, Holy Ficus. The plot alone makes you laugh out loud. I have a lot of good friends in the cast, and I’m a firm believer that anything with Zach Rosing’s name on it is quality.

clay-smallFrom Clay: I’m really intrigued by 4.48 Psychosis. It looks to be rich and heavy. Based on individual conversations I’ve had before with the director Bill Wilkison and all three of the actors, I’m anxious to see what kind of emotions they’re going to evoke.

josiah-smallFrom Josiah: I’m looking forward to all the shows at the Fringe, but two shows in particular. Holy Ficus and Wizer of Odd. Both are productions of friends of mine, and I love supporting local talented individuals.

jenny-smallFrom Jenny: I’m excited to see Mr. Boniface, the Wise, by KT Peterson and Holy Ficus, by Zack Neiditch. I have the pleasure of working with both of these talented playwrights, and have enjoyed hearing bits and pieces about their projects at work.

lincoln-smallFrom Lincoln: Holy Ficus. They always put out hilarious shows and I know this one will be no different.

joanna-smallFrom Joanna: The show I’m most excited to see is KT Peterson’s original play Mr. Boniface, the Wise at the IndyFringe Building!

From Kenny: I am really excited about Silence! The Musical at the small space at The Phoenix. I choreographed this and loved working with some new people including the amazing Chelsey Stauffer (playing Clarice Starling) and Emily McGee who plays both kidnapped Catherine AND her senator mother. This isn’t a Fringe show, but it’s happening at the same time. Paul Nicely as Hannibal, Scot Greenwell as Jamie Gumb, and the lambs also kill it (see what I did there): Brian Noffke, Diane Tsao Boehm, Phillip Armstrong, and Nate Walden. I felt really well rounded this summer choreographing numbers for Jr. Civic, like “Under The Sea” by day and “I’d F*** Me” for Silence! by night. There were some strange dreams with crabs and lambs mixing in odd ways. I shouldn’t say anymore…


I saw The Great Bike Race at IndyFringe last year and loved it. So, I can’t wait to see Holy Ficus this year, produced and directed by the same team: Zach Rosing and Zack Neiditch. With this team and Tim Hunt, Paige Scott, BJ Bovin and Betsy Norton it can only be clever and original, and really funny.

From Lynn: I noticed they have some new venues. [ed: Four! All within walking distance. Indy Eleven Theatre, Firefighter’s Union hall, Marott Center, and Musician’s Union Hall.]  I’m excited to go to some shows in the new venues.

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