What’s New At Fringe This Year

Back in 2012 when we brought 465: Sex Drive to the IndyFringe Festival it was our first time. We wrote our first-timer’s guide to Fringe as much for ourselves as for any of our readers. This year there are a few new wrinkles, and once again we want to share those with you so you know what to expect when you arrive.


This year our show is on the Basille stage at the Phoenix Theatre. This is just a block and a half north of TOTS, where 465 and Lashes Off were performed. It’s a great space and a great fit for the coffee house vibe of Star Luck Cafe.


Backer Buttons

backer-buttonIn previous years you had to purchase a backer button in addition to your ticket to be admitted to any show. The buttons themselves were popular collector items for fans of the festival, but the organizers have ultimately decided that they make the process of attending a show unnecessarily complicated.

The buttons are now optional, so buying tickets to Star Luck Cafe is simple and straightforward.


Speaking of buying tickets, 100% of the tickets for the show can now be sold in advance online. In previous years a percentage of the tickets were reserved for sales at the door. This could be especially frustrating for people who were willing and able to buy tickets in advance, but were forced to wait in line the day of the show – and in a few cases couldn’t see the show when we sold out.

All of that’s been addressed, though. You can get your tickets in advance for all of the six performances so you’re guaranteed a seat.

Still the Same

Of course there is still an avalanche of ambitious theatre projects by some incredibly gifted artists. It’s an incredible opportunity to park your car, and in a matter of a few hours, sample some of the amazing stagecraft that Indianapolis has to offer.

And we’re jazzed to be part of it again this year. See you next week!

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